Stafford Superior Range of Coal

Co2 Neutral Wood Range

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Kiln Dried Logs Available from Stafford Fuels  

Kiln Dried Firewood

This premium grade timber, kiln dried to less than 20% moisture, is consistently high quality and easy to light with low ash and high heat output.

Air Dried Logs from Stafford Fuels  

Air Dried Firewood

These are naturally dried Irish timber logs which are easy to light giving off high heat with an attractive flame.   

Kiln Dried Kindling Available from Stafford Fuels  

Kiln Dried Kindling

Packed in a convenient plastic bag, this kiln dried firewood is easy to store and easy to light getting your fire off to a roaring start. Being kiln dried the quality is consistently of the highest standard.

Ecoflame Wood Briquettes Available from Stafford Fuels  

Wood Briquettes - Available in 16 Log Packs

An easy to light, high heat, low ash wood briquette with a lively flame which can be burned alone or in conjunction with any of our other products.  When burnt alone any residual ash can be used in the garden as fertilizer

Wood Pellets Available from Stafford Fuels  

Wood Pellets - Available in 15kg Bags

An environmentally friendly  Irish manufactured wood pellet for use in wood pellet stoves.  These pellets are easy to light and are not only a great source of heat but contribute greatly in the fight against climate change.