Stafford Superior Range of Coal

Buying Coal at Wholesale Level

Staffords have been selling Solid Fuel in Ireland since the 1900’s. 

Traditionally it was English Coal that we imported and sold but in or around the 1950’s/early ‘60’s we started to import and sell Polish Coal. Click here to view our products.

We are delighted to say that we still import and distribute the very best Polish Coal with our Polish trading partners.


Of course over time things change and from the very early days we have changed with them.  As a result we started to import and sell bulk Anthracite in the 1960’s and we now import a wide range of Smokeless fuels, which include Ovoids and German Brown Coal. 

If you are an existing Stafford Fuels customer you can now order your fuel on line here. or alternatively, if you are interested in having product supplied by Stafford Fuels for the first time just go to our coal wholesalers page and fill in the form to have one of our Representatives contact you.