Stafford Superior Range of Coal

Anthracite Range Ireland

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Anthracite Ovoid  

Stafford Anthracite Ovoid - Available in 40kg Bags

A premium anthracite ovoid that gives all the positive aspects that you would expect from a traditional anthracite product suitable for use in multi-fuel appliances which burns with an attractive flame, intense heat and low ash.

Anthracite - Available from Stafford Fuels  

Redflame Anthracite - Available in 40kg Bags

A low ash anthracite product with a high heat output making it suitable for closed appliances.

Phurnacite- Available from Stafford Fuels  

Stafford Grade A Phurnacite - Available in 40kg bags

Probably the most popular smokeless fuel for closed appliances. This briquette burns slowly with excellent heat output, low ash and low Co2 emissions.